Oh Sh** My Kid is Swearing…

As anyone living or visiting Miami in the past month has noticed, traffic has been ridiculously, horribly, unbearably bad.  Between the boat show (which apparently takes 8 weeks to set up and break down), high season, Wine &Food Fest, and construction, you better plan on doubling your driving time wherever you go.

Thus, my mood in the car has been less than Snow-Whitey.  And my mouth in the car…let’s just say Carol Brady would not be proud.  I do try to reel it in, of course, when the kids are around but when you get two different bridges up between work and school pick-up, adding 25 minutes to your drive that you don’t have, and therefore have to pay $10 for after-care, it’s hard to be civil.

Which might explain why, the other day at home, we heard my two year-old say “Fu**ing Truck!”  Frozen, my husband and I stared at each other unsure of what to do.  Said toddler of course picked up on something going on, so my husband jumped in and yelled “Funny truck!” and we moved on to something else.

I felt guilty, to say the least.  In my defense, I come from a long line of swear words learned in the car.  My mother – a brilliant and refined English professor, couldn’t control herself during her notorious road rage.  Kids swearing has been in the news quite a bit lately, partly because of this video, which is basically worst case scenario (warning: If you haven’t seen this, you will probably laugh for a moment, then be offended and horrified.  The good news is that child services took this kid away, so he might have a fighting chance).

So, what to do about this (other than watch my OWN mouth, which is obviously the source of the problem)? Well, I did some research and it seems the first and best line of defense is to of course, ignore it.  Especially if they are young and using the words as a “plug in” (i.e. not because they are frustrated or mad).  Mostly, they are just copying something they heard (oops) and trying for a reaction.  So, when given that reaction they will naturally, keep it up.  This article addresses that approach and actually discusses ignoring as a parenting tool in general.  I found it really interesting and know this is something I could work on personally.

If you have an older child who is using swearing on purpose, i.e. figured out it’s naughty and is purposefully trying for attention or using it in anger, this article addresses that.  Some good tips and transitions.

So, lessons learned: Watch your mouth in the car even during traffic, and make sure you don’t have Howard Stern on the radio by accident when you start your day with kids in the car (what? who, me?).

Wine & Food Fest: Best Event for Kids & Your Wallet!

It’s that time of year again…the Sobe Wine & Food Festival is here! Of all the big events in Miami, this is one of my favorites.  I mean, how can you criticize an event that promotes eating and drinking? And has the best chefs in the world showing you exactly how to eat and drink best?!?

While drinking may not be the most child-friendly activity (unless it’s Friday and you’re at the beach with your mom friends, letting your kids wrestle each other while you pound Chardonnay), there is one SOBEWFF Event that is an awesome family day.

And it’s at Jungle Island…can’t beat that.   AND IT’S NOT EXPENSIVE!!!  What you say? A family-friendly, not expensive, celebrity-chef Wine and Food Event? Yes, yes, yes! Fun and Fit as a Family sponsored by Carnival featuring Goya Kidz Kitchen hosted by Robert Irvine is it! Tickets still available and only $20!  In fact, I posted a review of last year’s event here, and it sounds like this year has even more kiddy-fun stuff planned.  Very exciting.

TIP: If you bring the kids to Robert Irvine’s talk – get there early, it fills up fast!

Kite Fair…Sorry for the Late Notice

I keep seeing the signs and meaning to post about this once I called about timing…and then it took me a while to call about time.  So, a bit of a late notice, but better late than never, yes?

This Sunday (the 16th) Haulover Park – (the one just past Bal Harbour, on the left if you are going north) is having a kite festival.  They do this yearly (or maybe twice a year?) and it’s a lot of fun.  Kites, bounce houses, food…kid heaven.  And when the weather is right, it’s AMAZING.

This takes place on the marina side and goes from 11am to 6 pm.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a kite – you can buy them there! It’s really a fun day.

Fit Mamas – Belly N Kicks

Much controversy and sensitivity surrounds working out during pregnancy. We’ve all seen the nine-monther in spin class (and hated her), but those of us who have done research have also read that working out is extremely important.  There is the element of flexibility, keeping endurance for labor, and (most importantly, duh) – the better shape you’re in, the easier it is to lose weight post-baby. Enter Erika Boom – mother, prenatal and postnatal fitness expert, and owner and founder of Belly-n-Kicks – the first studio in Miami (conveniently located in Brickell) that is completely dedicated to prenatal and post-natal exercise.  “Once relegated to lighter forms of exercise like walking and yoga, expectant women are now advised by obstetricians to maintain moderate exercise regimens throughout their pregnancies – for their health, and now for their baby’s,” Boom says.  The real-life “iron woman” helps her clients – pregnant or not – stay positive while making their workouts both challenging and rewarding. Erika took the time to answer some specific questions about exercising while pregnant, after pregnant, and getting rid of a certain unwanted layer of belly fat that won’t seem to go away!

Q:  How often do you think Pregnant women should work out?
A:  5-6 times per week
Q: What’s the biggest misconception regarding pregnancy and working out?
A: That it can harm the baby
Q: Is there anything pregnant women should NOT do?
A: In terms of exercise: avoid the valsava maneuver (holding breath thru hardest point of exercise), overheating, not hydrating properly, and working out past  your aerobic threshold
Q:  Regarding post-natal, what’s the best way for new moms get rid of the pregnancy “pouch”, i.e. extra belly fat?
A: we recommend wearing a core wrap immediately after giving birth and perform isommetric work of the core with pelvic floor exercises
Q:  SoFla is known for a lot of C-sections, how soon after Cesarean do you recommend resuming an exercise program?
A:  An exercise program 6 weeks after. Before that women can walk and wear the core wrap
Q: What’s the best exercise tip you can give pregnant and post-natal women who have to work out at home and ?
A: Crunches: you need first to make sure diastasis is closed, and that you have rehabed your core isommetrically before incorporating traditional abdominal work. Also i think a lot of moms prefer to wait after they have their babies to take care of the extra weight; in reality, they should avoid gaining extra weight DURING pregnancy, since hormonal changes right after pregnancy don’t make losing any extra weight easy!
Side Note: I googled diastasis – check this out.  But sounds like you can just ask your Dr to be safest..
An added bonus if you’re pregnant – you can work out with other woman who are gaining weight week over week rather than 100-kb singletons making you feel bad about yourself!
For more information, visit www.belly-n-kicks.com

Art Fair with Childcare!!

Art Wynwood, Friday Feb. 14th-Monday, Feb 17th



Lots of cool art fairs breeze through Miami, but most of them aren’t child friendly (as any of us who dragged little ones through Art Basel, et al quickly realized).  So, we parents often get left out of that scene.

Enter Art Wynwood and Miami Children’s Museum! A great activity for this long weekend.  Not only is Art Wynwood a super cool fair highlighting the rapidly growing underground street art movement, this year (the fair’s third), works of art will range from murals to pop surrealism and street art, amongst other urban-influenced exhibitions.

And now…drum roll please…the best part (straight from press release, so you KNOW it’s true): Adding to the array of services on the fair’s roster, the Miami Children’s Museum will provide a safe playroom on-site for children ages 3 – 13, which will introduce these young minds to art while their parents visit the fair. Children enrolled in the program will participate in activities including art explorations, games, puzzles and storytelling under the supervision of the Miami Children’s Museum experienced staff. The ArtRageous Kids Center will be open Saturday through Monday during fair hours.

And naturally, should you want to stop for pizza before or after your art – Joey’s awaits you.  Delicious, they’re used to kids, and such a lovely garden for our lovely lovely weather.

For more information and details, visit: www.artwynwood.com

If It’s Good Enough for David Beckham + Top Chef Results

Scarpetta at the Fontainebleau is one of our favorite restaurants.  Yes, it’s expensive, yes the parking is astronomical, but there is something about that big hotel that feels exciting.  Kind of in a Vegas, cheesy-but-OK-with-it way.  The restaurant itself just feels specials.  The food is amazing – no detail missed (I mean, where else is plain spaghetti the star of the show?!?), the decor is gorgeous and unique, the crowd is never over the top.  Good Stuff.

Last night, we went there for a viewing party of the Top Chef Finale, as their Chef de Cuisine, Nina Compton, was a finalist.  SPOILER ALERT: She was ROBBED, I say ROBBED, of the title.  Kicked ass the entire season, made two extra amazing dishes for the finale, and some guy wins for a dessert?!? Not good.  That said, it sure was watching at her actual restaurant, especially because they served many of the dishes Nina had created through-out the season.  Very cool!

Additionally, two nights prior, David Beckham and Simon Fuller dined there.  On order, spaghetti, roasted chicken, polenta and gnocchi. So, that’s what Beckham eats.  And then I got to meet him…see picture above.  He was very adorable and sweet.

My coverage of his MLS Miami Soccer team press conference on People Mag yesterday…