Superhero Crafts

Spring break has sprung and since we aren’t going to Disney until tomorrow (will do a nice wrap-up on that, don’t you worry), the kids and I were stuck at home in some icky weather.  So, it’s craft time!!

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m BAD at crafts.  I don’t mean this in a self-depricating manner.  I am seriously horrible at crafting.  And yet, my kids love to do it.  So, knowing I had to find something easy for a 4 and 2 year old that would also keep their interest, I googled Superhero crafts and found a few easy options that actually worked.

Thanks to other bloggers who are much more crafty than I, I found some really great options. Granted I ended up doing a lot of the work (um, sewing?), but the kids were happy painting and making a mess and playing with the final product.  So, it’s a win in the end.

Avenger bookmarks from Crafts by Amanda – GREAT, easy, inexpensive supply list.  The kids kind of painted their own thing and we didn’t use these as bookmarks, but they loved fighting with them when a few were done!

Our imperfect lollipop superheroes

Next, we worked on Suphero capes on Lollipops from Little Bit Funky.  I (as usual) did some short cuts and didn’t use the print-out/cut outs.  We just did capes, punched a hole, and stuck them on lolls.  My older guy wanted to create his own superhero, which was great.  And the kids of course needed a lolly treat in the mix.


Last were our superhero masks, courtesy of Cutesy Crafts.  I definitely did some serious shortcutting here – only one layer, and quickly sewed the elastic to the edges.  Doesn’t look perfect but the kids wanted them fast and wore them the rest of the day, so I don’t think they minded.

Our finished products….

Young at Art Festival: Kids Can Sell Their Works!

We are big fans of Young at Art Museum.  Yes, it’s a drive – about 35/40 minutes for us – but in high-seaon/boat show/frequent car accident traffic, sometimes it takes me that long to get to South Beach. Also, IKEA is right near by, should you want to make a day of it.
YAA is wonderful on a “regular” day – interactive play areas,  hands-on art/science experiences and traveling galleries of fun.  But, they have a special day coming up, that is truly spectacular – The YAA Festival of the Arts.   Taking place April 12th from 10a-5p, the Festival features art created by kids FOR SALE! Accompanied by food, music, and fun.
If you have a budding artist, you can purchase a booth to show off his or her works.  And if not (mine are still a bit young), it’s such a great way to see art by kids, let your kids be inspired, and even buy a piece- often a really good one- at a good price. And you’re supporting a budding artist! Click pic above or highlighted link for more info.

Skateboarding & Kids: Q&A With The Owners of the Longboard Company

Recently, my son (almost 5) has gotten really into skateboarding.  And by “really into it”, I mean it’s an actual activity he asks to do, rather than us making him do it. As I’ve seen him progress, I keep thinking what a great exercise, balance building, and just plain fun hobby it is.

When I heard about the new shop, The Longboard Company – Located in the Sheridian Shoppes in Davie, FL., I was not only excited to bring my son for a visit, but also curious what they had to say about teaching him properly.

The store itself is great, they offer rentals for customers to test drive – which is especially great for a kid. You can see if they dig it or hate it before you purchase, and it only costs $25 (which, if you like it, can be used towards the same-day purchase of a board).  The store also offers skate/surf clothing brands including Roxy, Volcom, Nixon and more – my husband loves surfer-style button downs, so this was a great element also.

The owners of the store, David Malamud and Michael Keane, were kind enough to answer all of my pertinent kids and skateboarding questions.  It really does sound like a great activity to have your kids start with (which made me feel super validated. Yay me.)

Q: What age can kids start Skateboarding?

 Skateboarding can be picked up at any age. Board technology has grown to the point that any rider can find equipment to fit their ride style or experience level. For example, Penny offers a micro board that is perfect for young riders, or skaters that don’t want to lug a large board around. On the other end of the spectrum, Longboard skateboards provide an opportunity for adults to pick up or return to their love of skateboarding. The rigid and sturdy design promotes stability and control allowing for any variation of skill level.

 Q: What kind of skateboard should a kid start with/which different boards are appropriate for what age?

There’s no easy answer to finding the right board. Every rider is different, and boards come in a variety of styles, shapes, appearances, setup, etc. When shopping for a board, it’s important to do your homework. At The Longboard Company, our staff are skaters themselves, and love to share their passion with customers. Riders can come to the shop and actually touch, feel and experience the different types of boards. This is truly the only way to find the perfect board.

 Q: How far is it safe to let your kid skateboard (like same as a bike? a scooter? on foot?)

Like any form of travel, skateboarding can quickly get you from point A to point B. Parents should view a skateboard as any other method of travel for their children, and should implement the same boundaries. All children should be supervised while learning to ride, and we always recommend a good set of pads!

 Q: Do they need to wear helmets for skateboarding?

Helmet laws vary state to state, but we highly recommend a good set of pads whenever you plan to ride. At the very least, it’ll save you a few bumps and bruises which can deter you from progressing, but it can also save your life.

 Q: Where can they go (best skate parks?) to start honing their skills?

The best place to learn how to skate is right in your own back (or front) yard. The beauty of skateboarding is that you can turn the world into a skate park. Start by getting your balance, and learning to push. After that, you can practice tricks in the grass for a soft landing on those mistakes. The Longboard Company also encourages its customers to stop by the store and pick up a few tips and tricks. Our staff truly love the sport and are happy to show anyone the ropes.

 Q: What are the best benefits (i.e. balance, muscle strength, et al) of skateboarding?

Skateboarding is fantastic for connecting the mind, body and soul. Physically, your building strength, endurance, balance and more. Your also training your mind in that skateboarding is all about physics. Each trick you learn teaches you a little bit of science. If you don’t believe us, check out any slow motion skateboard trick on YouTube. You’ll be amazed at what’s happening below your feet. Skateboarding also brings you closer to nature, allowing you to get outside, enjoy a beautiful day and find the perfect rail to grind into nirvana!

About owners David Malamud and Michael Keane:

Owners, David Malamud and Michael Keane are Entertainment Retailers that know how to add an edge to the retail experience. In 2011 they created Aqua Shop Indoor Surfing, introducing the world to the Flowrider, an Indoor Surf Experience that seemingly harnesses nature for an awesome experience for any rider. Aqua Shop has redefined the way people view shopping by creating a culture and identity within their stores. Pros from around the world visit the shop to strut their stuff, or spend some time showing amateurs the ropes.

The Longboard Company- 15651 Sheridan St. Unit 900, Davie, Florida 33331, 954-252-5410

Beer Dinner Event This Weekend – Wynwood Brewing Company

In case you have a sitter lined up and are looking for something fun to do this weekend, check out this Beer & dinner event Wynwood Brewing Company is hosting (aka Husband Heaven).

If you haven’t been, WBC is Miami’s “first craft production brewery in the heart of Wynwood Art District, featuring a tap room. We are family owned and operated with the simple objective of bringing fresh, delicious, and creative beers to thirsty South Floridians and tourists alike. We operate a 15-barrel brewhouse and distribute our blond aleIPAPorter, barrel aged Strong Ales and seasonal offerings.”

This Saturday, they are hosting a beer&dinner event.  A variety of food plates will be matched with specific beers.  Looks pretty amazing, see menu and info below.  Maybe take a cab…


Kite Fair…Sorry for the Late Notice

I keep seeing the signs and meaning to post about this once I called about timing…and then it took me a while to call about time.  So, a bit of a late notice, but better late than never, yes?

This Sunday (the 16th) Haulover Park – (the one just past Bal Harbour, on the left if you are going north) is having a kite festival.  They do this yearly (or maybe twice a year?) and it’s a lot of fun.  Kites, bounce houses, food…kid heaven.  And when the weather is right, it’s AMAZING.

This takes place on the marina side and goes from 11am to 6 pm.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a kite – you can buy them there! It’s really a fun day.

Fit Mamas – Belly N Kicks

Much controversy and sensitivity surrounds working out during pregnancy. We’ve all seen the nine-monther in spin class (and hated her), but those of us who have done research have also read that working out is extremely important.  There is the element of flexibility, keeping endurance for labor, and (most importantly, duh) – the better shape you’re in, the easier it is to lose weight post-baby. Enter Erika Boom – mother, prenatal and postnatal fitness expert, and owner and founder of Belly-n-Kicks – the first studio in Miami (conveniently located in Brickell) that is completely dedicated to prenatal and post-natal exercise.  “Once relegated to lighter forms of exercise like walking and yoga, expectant women are now advised by obstetricians to maintain moderate exercise regimens throughout their pregnancies – for their health, and now for their baby’s,” Boom says.  The real-life “iron woman” helps her clients – pregnant or not – stay positive while making their workouts both challenging and rewarding. Erika took the time to answer some specific questions about exercising while pregnant, after pregnant, and getting rid of a certain unwanted layer of belly fat that won’t seem to go away!

Q:  How often do you think Pregnant women should work out?
A:  5-6 times per week
Q: What’s the biggest misconception regarding pregnancy and working out?
A: That it can harm the baby
Q: Is there anything pregnant women should NOT do?
A: In terms of exercise: avoid the valsava maneuver (holding breath thru hardest point of exercise), overheating, not hydrating properly, and working out past  your aerobic threshold
Q:  Regarding post-natal, what’s the best way for new moms get rid of the pregnancy “pouch”, i.e. extra belly fat?
A: we recommend wearing a core wrap immediately after giving birth and perform isommetric work of the core with pelvic floor exercises
Q:  SoFla is known for a lot of C-sections, how soon after Cesarean do you recommend resuming an exercise program?
A:  An exercise program 6 weeks after. Before that women can walk and wear the core wrap
Q: What’s the best exercise tip you can give pregnant and post-natal women who have to work out at home and ?
A: Crunches: you need first to make sure diastasis is closed, and that you have rehabed your core isommetrically before incorporating traditional abdominal work. Also i think a lot of moms prefer to wait after they have their babies to take care of the extra weight; in reality, they should avoid gaining extra weight DURING pregnancy, since hormonal changes right after pregnancy don’t make losing any extra weight easy!
Side Note: I googled diastasis – check this out.  But sounds like you can just ask your Dr to be safest..
An added bonus if you’re pregnant – you can work out with other woman who are gaining weight week over week rather than 100-kb singletons making you feel bad about yourself!
For more information, visit

Art Fair with Childcare!!

Art Wynwood, Friday Feb. 14th-Monday, Feb 17th



Lots of cool art fairs breeze through Miami, but most of them aren’t child friendly (as any of us who dragged little ones through Art Basel, et al quickly realized).  So, we parents often get left out of that scene.

Enter Art Wynwood and Miami Children’s Museum! A great activity for this long weekend.  Not only is Art Wynwood a super cool fair highlighting the rapidly growing underground street art movement, this year (the fair’s third), works of art will range from murals to pop surrealism and street art, amongst other urban-influenced exhibitions.

And now…drum roll please…the best part (straight from press release, so you KNOW it’s true): Adding to the array of services on the fair’s roster, the Miami Children’s Museum will provide a safe playroom on-site for children ages 3 – 13, which will introduce these young minds to art while their parents visit the fair. Children enrolled in the program will participate in activities including art explorations, games, puzzles and storytelling under the supervision of the Miami Children’s Museum experienced staff. The ArtRageous Kids Center will be open Saturday through Monday during fair hours.

And naturally, should you want to stop for pizza before or after your art – Joey’s awaits you.  Delicious, they’re used to kids, and such a lovely garden for our lovely lovely weather.

For more information and details, visit:

Great Charity Event, Great Miami Organization

Voices for Children

There are so many charity events that circulate Miami, it can be difficult to choose where to dedicate your time and/or money.  One event and organization that I’ve seen make a different – first hand – is called Voices For Children.  VOF are advocates for neglected children as well as those in the foster system and they ensure their legal rights are represented, they don’t go ignored, fall through the cracks, etc. (they explain it better themselves below).

Their annual charity event is February 15th, and the sales from tickets go directly to a functioning and actionable cause.  They always do a great job and put on a fun show (Harry Winston is involved…come on).  Even if you don’t have the funds to buy tickets to a gala (many of us), I suggest visiting their website and seeing how you can help.

Plus, Christian Slater may be there, so that ain’t bad either.

WHAT:                Voices For Children Foundation to host the 2014 Be A Voice, Empower Brilliant Futures Gala with presenting sponsor, The House of Harry Winston, along with Honorary Gala Co-Chairs and Voices board members Christian and Brittany Slater, and Jim Ferraro and Alena Gavrikova, to show support and raise funds for the foster care youth of Miami-Dade County. This event will welcome 500 of Miami’s most philanthropic and influential community leaders and dedicated business professionals.

WHEN:                7:00 pm Cocktail Hour; 8:00 pm Dinner; February 15, 2014

WHERE:              Mandarin Oriental, Miami


About Voices For Children Foundation

Voices For Children Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that raises money to help ensure that abused, abandoned, and neglected children in Miami-Dade County each have a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem and that financial assistance and other resources are available for their health, educational, and social needs. Guardians ad Litem are trained, court-appointed adults who serve as their representative voices in dependency court proceedings. Currently, 3,145 children are in Miami-Dade County’s Foster Care system and 1,257 children are unrepresented by Guardians ad Litem.  For more information, please visit

The Book Fair is Here!

Miami International Book Fair is one of those events that makes me truly proud of our city.  It’s exciting, intellectual, self-promotional in the very best way, and fun! This year, they have some major authors – as in Dan Brown, Erica Jong, Pat Conroy and Anjelica Houston.  And so many more. It kicks off this week (Nov. 17th), and the street fair is Nov.22-24th!

But where to start? Well, for the no-kids options, the “An Evening With” series is where you’ll get to meet and listen to readings from some of your favorite authors.  Click here to see the schedule. Anjelica is making an appearance to talk about her new memoir, “Her Life in Stories”.  I’ve heard it’s really, really good (when your parents are best friends with Marlon Brandon, there’s gotta be some interesting stories!)  Pat Conroy, one of my all-time faves is making an appearance on Tuesday the 19th to talk his book after the book…i.e. what happened after he published The Great Santini (which was based on his abusive father).  Spoiler Alert: things didn’t go down so well with the fam, as one might imagine.   These events have a minimal charge, but many of the others are free.

As for the kiddies, the fair has REALLY stepped it up this year! There are tons of events in various locations.  Check out this link for the list, including the super fun Mad Science Lab (let your kids be their own Mr. Wizard).  The best part of the kids schedule is that they’re offering everything on multiple days and times, as we all have such crazy schedules! “Performances” (i.e. readings with more energy) will take place on the Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After stages.

So, even if we have another rainy weekend, you can look forward to something awesome to do with the kids!