Eva, Gerard, Kim & Kanye

Art Basel is amazing.  There, I said it.  Yes, there’s more traffic.  Yes, people are pretentious.  In the words of George Costanza’s girlfriend, Yada Yada Yada.

But If you get out there – even just for one night – you immediately feel the transformation our city undergoes.  The excitement, energy and people watching is UNPARALLELED.  I can think of no other city that partakes in an event so thoroughly – in so many different neighborhoods, through so many different outlets (retail, art, food, drink, street fairs, etc.), it’s just plain cool.

Last night’s affair(s) involved Eva Longoria, Gerard Butler, and Kim & Kanye.  Not a bad night.  I had an interview with Gerard….he was just as charismatic as you’d expect.  Adorable.  The first event was a Roger Dubuis Dinner for the Incredible World of Haute Hologerie.  

Basically, fancy watches and chamagne. Actually, the Dom Perignon guys who were there pointed out their super cool new “light up” bottle for clubs.  I don’t go to clubs but if I did I’m sure I’d appreciate this bottle.  Either way, it was pretty Batman-esque.  

Later that night, I headed to the Delano and got what I thought was a cool shot of Kim K and Roberto Cavalli chatting – check out the Kanye semi-photo bomb.  This is me being artsy.  Watch out Basel.  Didn’t chat with them, they were in and out pretty quickly.

Click below for Gerard Article.



Cindy Crawford and Playboy

I interviewed Cindy Crawford for PEOPLE last night while she was here for Art Basel.

See the two of us? It’s like looking in a mirror (NOTE: That is my “looking interested in Cindy” face, NOT – as my husband tried to claim – my “wanna be model” face).

Cindy and I talked about art, posing nude, and Harry Styles…click below for full article.