If It’s Good Enough for David Beckham + Top Chef Results

Scarpetta at the Fontainebleau is one of our favorite restaurants.  Yes, it’s expensive, yes the parking is astronomical, but there is something about that big hotel that feels exciting.  Kind of in a Vegas, cheesy-but-OK-with-it way.  The restaurant itself just feels specials.  The food is amazing – no detail missed (I mean, where else is plain spaghetti the star of the show?!?), the decor is gorgeous and unique, the crowd is never over the top.  Good Stuff.

Last night, we went there for a viewing party of the Top Chef Finale, as their Chef de Cuisine, Nina Compton, was a finalist.  SPOILER ALERT: She was ROBBED, I say ROBBED, of the title.  Kicked ass the entire season, made two extra amazing dishes for the finale, and some guy wins for a dessert?!? Not good.  That said, it sure was watching at her actual restaurant, especially because they served many of the dishes Nina had created through-out the season.  Very cool!

Additionally, two nights prior, David Beckham and Simon Fuller dined there.  On order, spaghetti, roasted chicken, polenta and gnocchi. So, that’s what Beckham eats.  And then I got to meet him…see picture above.  He was very adorable and sweet.

My coverage of his MLS Miami Soccer team press conference on People Mag yesterday…


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