Wine & Food Fest: Best Event for Kids & Your Wallet!

It’s that time of year again…the Sobe Wine & Food Festival is here! Of all the big events in Miami, this is one of my favorites.  I mean, how can you criticize an event that promotes eating and drinking? And has the best chefs in the world showing you exactly how to eat and drink best?!?

While drinking may not be the most child-friendly activity (unless it’s Friday and you’re at the beach with your mom friends, letting your kids wrestle each other while you pound Chardonnay), there is one SOBEWFF Event that is an awesome family day.

And it’s at Jungle Island…can’t beat that.   AND IT’S NOT EXPENSIVE!!!  What you say? A family-friendly, not expensive, celebrity-chef Wine and Food Event? Yes, yes, yes! Fun and Fit as a Family sponsored by Carnival featuring Goya Kidz Kitchen hosted by Robert Irvine is it! Tickets still available and only $20!  In fact, I posted a review of last year’s event here, and it sounds like this year has even more kiddy-fun stuff planned.  Very exciting.

TIP: If you bring the kids to Robert Irvine’s talk – get there early, it fills up fast!

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