20 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Likely to Ignore

Don’t mean to be Debbie Downer, but I just read This article on Reader’s Digest about 20 Cancer Symptoms Women are Likely to Ignore, and found it really educational.

I first expected it to be filled with the typical stuff you always here, i.e. breast lumps, bleeding, months of pelvic pain, but they actually got a lot more specific and even explained the science behind the symptoms, i.e. what could be causing it.

Now, if you’re anything like me (a hypochondriac), you read each symptom and decided that 17 of the 20 applied to you. But, in all seriousness, they were more clear than usual on how and when the symptoms should be considered serious.

So, in the interest of health (but not mental sanity), thought I would share this.

Marissa Mayer & “Easy Babies”

Yesterday on the Today Show, I saw coverage of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer making a speech (her first since the birth of her baby) at a Fortune Magazine “Women in Power” event. See video here

The stand out quote from this speech was, “I knew the job would be hard and I knew the baby would be fun…what’s surprised me – and really pleasantly so, is the job is really fun (laughter from the audience – mostly women)…and the baby has been….easy!”

I knew when I watched this that the crowd was expecting the exact same punch line I was – “the baby has been…hard!”. But no, over-achieving Marissa Mayer took the other approach – making those of us who feel babies are difficult, challenging, and surprising, and that having babies while working is even harder, look like slackers who just can’t handle it all.  I was really annoyed with her speech, and was thinking about it all morning.

Later in the day, I saw this article on the Huffington Post and felt that Lisa Belkin said exactly what I was feeling! Great, great piece.

The Facebook response to Belkin’s article was double-sided (naturally).  Many agreed with her whole-heartedly, while others claimed that babies CAN be easy, and why shouldn’t Mayer tell the truth?

I think those who felt Belkin’s article was “passive aggressive” are completely missing the point (and the back and forth arguments about the piece itself further this point) –  the issue is not whether or not her baby is easy.  Or if her baby may in fact seem a bit easier since she most likely has round the clock nannies/night nurses and is working all day rather than stuck at home with a crying newborn.  Or if her baby is only two months old and hasn’t gotten fussy yet OR if she is just happily enjoying it all and that’s OK.  The POINT is that we women and especially we mothers have it TOUGH in the workplace in regards to maternity leave.  We did not CHOOSE to be the ones carrying the baby. Men get to be fathers without the whole burden/gift of pregnancy/post-pregnancy and don’t have to deal with this issue.  When you have a baby, you need time to adjust, bottom line. Your baby needs you, bottom line. I personally found this time amazingly beautiful, touching, honest and yet extremely difficult, lonely and raw.  I’m sure many moms feel the same as I do.

How her baby acts is not the point. She is in a role, as a powerful high-profile woman, to stick up for women as a group.  To say, “Listen – we women and even we MOTHERS can be executives, and we CAN do just as good a job (if not a better) than men. But in the moment we have babies – a choice we make WITH A MAN – we need some time to recover. Things won’t fall apart, we will come back and everything will be OK, but the world needs to understand this is a necessary moment in time where we can’t be at the office, and women can not and should not be made to feel guilty about that. Employers should be understanding and pay for it because no one, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET OR AT ANY COMPANY GOT HERE WITHOUT A MOM… one who was, in fact, pregnant.”

But instead, Mayer has taken the opposite approach – the (dare I say ironically childish) approach with, “I had a baby and it’s easy and I’m fine and I’m back at work and anyone who claims otherwise is a sissy.” What’s even more disheartening is that this was an event specifically targeted AT women, for women. She should have gotten up and said something inspirational. She dared to quote Vince Lombardi, and yet Lombardi would have said something to rev up his gang – to promote the idea of TEAM.  Something she doesn’t understand.

It’s not the way to move women forward. We have quite enough people working against us, thank you very much, we need some behind us.  The women in power, those with a platform, should be working FOR us and we should all be standing together. If Mayer’s baby is easy – good for her, congrats. But maybe she can lend a hand to the other 95% of women who don’t have multiple nannies, easy babies, & “fun jobs” and try to make the corporate world more understanding to our position.



Last week, leading up to Thanksgiving, Courtney Cox spent some time in Miami with her adorbs daughter, Coco and some girlfriends.
Just Jared featured a whole slide show of Courtney in a bikini – see here.  She looks amazing, is honestly one of the best-aged actresses out there, in my opinion.

That night, Courtney and her gal pals were seen having drinks with friends at Juvia in South Beach, where one patron said she, “looked incredible – like a 25 year old!”

What did she wear for a night on the town? Skinny jeans and a fitted leather jacket for the chilly evening.  Courtney sipped on Grey Goose cocktails while her gal pals enjoyed some Coronas. The group laughed and mingled at the sexy rooftop hot spot for about an hour, and were mostly left alone by the crowd.

Who knows if Courtney has had surgery/botox/fillers, etc. but whatever she does – it works. She doesn’t look plastic or fake and manages to appear exactly the same as she did on her years of Friends (or even better)! Speaking of…a little shout out to my all time favorite TV show, Friends.  It’s not an original choice, nor does it make me seem intelligent/quirky/unique.  But I love it.  It’s like TV comfort food.  I’ve watched Friends every night before bed since I was in college and it just makes me happy.  I’ve said my peace.


For those of you who didn’t know (or weren’t invited to the 600-person craziness that was the opening party), H&M is now open on Lincoln Rd!! Chace Crawford, Flo-Rida, Matthew Morrison (of Glee), etc. hosted the event.

Chace looked adorable as always – I definitely have a old-mom crush on him and Flo-Rida rocked the house.

Unfortunately, they don’t have the kids stuff.  Do we start a petition? How do we fix this horrific injustice?

But they do have women’s stuff.  Remains to be seen if they’ll cater to the cheesy Miami/stripper-esque/Spring Break/ “I just got here from London/Pittsburgh/College and need to look South Beachy” crowd, OR if they’ll realize that J Crew Collection, with preppy-beachy (and not cheap) clothing is one of the most successful recent openings on Lincoln Rd, so they’ll buy for the audience who wants the traditional copied-from-the-runway H&M angle…we’ll see.

Either way, it seems the event was star studded and the opening is exciting.  Post Release and pix below.

MIAMI BEACH, FL – NOVEMBER 07: Chase Crawford attends the VIP grand opening of the H&M Lincoln Road Miami Store on November 7, 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for H&M)






MIAMI BEACH, FL – NOVEMBER 07: Flo Rida performs at the VIP grand opening of the H&M Lincoln Road Miami Store on November 7, 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for H&M)




Global Fashion Retailer Celebrates with VIP Event and Exclusive Performance by Flo Rida

H&M, Hennes and Mauritz, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers known for offering high fashion at affordable prices, celebrated its debut in Miami Beach last night, Wednesday, November 7th, with an extravagant event featuring a live performance by Florida native, Flo Rida. Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl, Matthew Morrison of Glee, Paz de la Huerta of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and Adriana De Moura and Lisa Hochstein of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami, were among the 1,000 guests who attended the party held at the new 24,000 square foot multi-level store at the historic art deco Lincoln Theatre on Lincoln Road.

Famed DJ Mia Moretti kept the energy level high while guests had the opportunity to be the first to shop the hottest fall fashion at the new store, enjoy signature cocktails and share photos from the interactive vintage photo booth. American hip-hop and rap artist Flo Rida took the stage around 9:30 p.m. and closed the night with a special performance of his recent chart toppers, even including shout-outs to H&M by incorporating the brand into the lyrics.

“It was a magical evening and the first live performance in the beautifully renovated Lincoln Theatre,” said Marybeth Schmitt, H&M’s continental communications director. “We are thrilled to be in Miami and share such an exciting experience.”

“This is my city, my town, and I look forward to coming here, said Flo Rida. “I look at it like club H&M. As soon as I hit the block and see how huge it is, it’s just out of this world.”

“If you’re going to put it (H&M) on Miami Beach, this is the block to do it,” said Chace Crawford.

MORE PICS: http://mm.gettyimages.com/mm/nicePath/gyipa_public?nav=pr177401789

Kids, Stories, Nightmares…

Last year, we started dealing with nightmares from our (at the time) 2  1/2 year old. He would wake up screaming for us, we had to go in and rub his back, then he’d be fine.  Little by little, these have tapered off, but he still wakes up once in a while wandering into our room or calling for us (pretty normal, I think).

Interestingly, I just read this article about a new Israeli study, and it makes SO much sense. Basically, they’re saying that a lot of night fears come from scary images/stories stored in children’s minds, and they can’t tell the different between fact and fiction. Telling them a monster isn’t “real” doesn’t make sense to them. Especially when we talk about other fictionalized characters (Tooth Fairy, Santa) as if they exist.

I know this to be VERY true for us, and have even discussed this with a few moms recently.  The other night at bed time my son asked, “how do you know bad guys won’t get me tonight?” And I tried to explain that bad guys aren’t real and that Spiderman (that would be the life-size Spidey sticker above his bed) would protect him. Being as my kid is ten times smarter than me, he said, “Mama, if the bad guys aren’t real, Spiderman isn’t real either and can’t protect me.” Um, DUH. I suddenly realized how often we use his superhero obsession to motivate “Batman eats a lot of vegetables, Peter Parker loves school and is very smart, etc.”, but we expect him to suddenly understand and feel comforted when we tell him the Green Goblin isn’t real.

The whole superhero-stories-fantasy thing is actually a really complex concept when you break it down to, in my case, a VERY literal child. For instance, when he asks if Bruce Wayne is Batman and I say yes, he says, “then who am I when I wear a Batman costume? Am I me or am I Bruce Wayne dressed up? and isn’t Bruce Wayne a grown up and I’m a little boy?” or “Can Spiderman fly” and I say “He can jump and glide from tall buildings” and he proceeds to put on his Spiderman costume, jump off our front stairs, and skin his knee…

You get the point. Bottom line, I think we need to be constantly aware of reinforcing the idea that these characters and stories are MADE UP. They aren’t real. They are from our imagination. We say it with bad guys, but we need to be clear with the good guys too and try not to use the old “Superman would do x,y,z” or “you can ask Santa for that gift” crutch, as it only adds to the confusion.  Still a tough concept to grasp, but at least its consistent.



Book Fair

The Miami Book Fair, the time of year when the world is shocked to learn our city actually has people who like to read and even care about books, began this weekend.

This is one of those events that I wish I’d created.  It’s such a great outpouring of literary genius mixed with a dash of Miami spice…

In fact, I kind of wish I was Mitchell Kaplan – the dude who owns Books & Books and started the Book Fair.  Books & Books is basically one of the coolest companies I know.  Their model goes against everything the “experts” say should work – i.e. don’t start a small, family-owned store, everybody buys books on Ipad/Kindle/Amazon now, even if they buy real books they do so at the large stores like B&N and Target.  Alas, Books & Books keeps succeeding and expanding by offering well-selected basics (the newest/best books), unique gifts (they wrap! If you ever need a last minute gift, this is the place) and awesome food (they even have creative ideas like charging people $1 for reusable take-out bags so they don’t waste plastic).  Brills. Oh and their locations are pretty sick, should you want to travel between stores – Sobe, Bal Harbor, Hamptons, Caymen Islands and more. Not bad.

If you’ve never been to the fair – check out the schedule of events, they have lots of cool stuff – readings, food, kids events, etc.  This year Tom Wolfe opened with his new book about Miami.  I’ll review as soon as I read it :)

Today’s event is about Lemony Snicket…I’m also eying this weekend’s big book sale for kids.  Check out schedule here.

Mommy Moments…

Early this morning (5:30 a.m. to be exact, thank you Daylight Savings Time – WORST DAY OF THE YEAR), my 3 1/2 year old was cuddled next to me in bed.  Both boys has just woken up and were still sleepy and we were all laying together and I had one of those “they are growing so fast…he is still my little boy, and always will be.  I just love him so purely and so immensely and am so lucky” moments.  And, as if on cue, he reached over and touched my leg, and I felt my heart swell.  I leaned my head in to his and he looked up at me and said, “I just wiped a boogie on your leg. HAHAHAHA.”

Welcome to motherhood.