Spring Cleaning (Ugh), There’s an App For That! Home Zada

I’m really, really bad at cleaning.  I wouldn’t say I’m gross or anything – I’m actually obsessive about putting unused food away, cleaning dishes, sweeping up dirt, that sort of thing.  But when it comes to organization and deep cleaning/maintenance, I’m just lost.

Enter HomeZada.  This app is super cool.  It gives you a check list depending on what you want to keep track of – spring cleaning, yard work, overall indoor cleaning, etc. and then gives you “property calendar” reminders depending on what you need to do.

You can view this link for free to see how it works, and go from there.  This will definitely channel your inner Bree Van De Kamp (Yes, that’s an outdated Desperate Housewives reference).  The Zen of Zada blog has some cute home ideas as well.

Don’t know if I’ll stick to this, but wiping my kitchen ceiling has at least gone from something I didn’t even know about to something snugly on my check list.  It counts if it’s just on a list, right?!?