Lacoste Event: Great for Kids, Benefits the Everglades

This Saturday, August 31, from 12-4 PM five Lacoste South Florida boutiques will be hosting the event “Education for the Everglades.” Attendees will be invited to explore the Everglades in-store with baby crocodile demonstrations from Native Village; 1PM to 3PM.

The event is kid-friendly; families will enjoy sweet treats and beverages from Vita Coco. 10% of the day’s sales will benefit wildlife preservation through the Everglades Foundation. It’s also educational – learning about the Everglades and how they impact Florida’s environment and ensuring are children have awareness of this topic is a great first step!

See Invite and Info below!

Free Kids App

Just thought I would share that this cute App for kids is free until August 10th!

This one is called Toca Hair Salon and it let’s the kids cut and style hair.  Might be more popular with girls but hey…you never know! Probably buys you at least one car-ride/meltdown worth of entertainment and it’s free!

CLICK here to see the offer in the Apple Store and info about that app.

Swim Week + Mom Suits PART 1

Swim week in Miami is always fun, I think, because it’s fashion done “Miami style”.  Instead of our city trying to be something it’s not, we showcase what makes perfect sense here – swim suits!

As for us moms, bathing suit can be a scary word/concept…And while I don’t think most of the bikinis shown are necessarily mom-friendly, I’ve posted some suits below that ARE. But first, a recap of the fun stuff…

I went to a few fun Swim Week events. The first was at Soho House and featured a FlyBarre class (which I missed, but I heard was HARD yet AMAZING) and a makeover from the ladies at GeeBeauty (the super cool beauty studio at Bal Harbor mall).

I loved the mini-facial from GeeBeauty (anything where I sit quietly for 20 minutes aint bad), and especially enjoyed the Tata Harper products.  This line is all natural and anti-aging, two VERY important things for us sun-drenched Miami moms! I’m going to try these samples for a while and give an update at a later time to let you moms know how they work!

From there, my friend and I visited the Ford Beauty Suite.

Side note: my friend brought her little diva, 16 month old Dafna along for the fun.  She is a major out-and-about mom (and writer) and brings her kids lots of places, exposing them to super cool experiences.  If people seem annoyed or the kids lose their sh**, she just leaves. I love her approach and think it’s an interesting discussion topic for us moms – why are we so worried about how everyone will react to our children?!?

The suite gave us some Zoya nail polish, which I have been using at home and LOVE.  I lean towards at-home nail care these days, especially for my hands – which get ruined in 24 hours even with a REAL manicure –  so nice nail polish is an easy indulgence.  And this brand lives up to it.  Easy, neutral colors and great staying power…

The next night it was on to the fashion shows.  While it was fun to experience the crowd and get free drinks/gifts (thank you Smashbox for the gorgeous non-sticky lip glosses), I find fashion shows pretty boring after about two minutes.  Especially ones I can’t see myself ever wearing anything from or similar to (bikinis).  But the models were gorgeous of course and it was fun to watch, for the most part.  If you have to pay, though, I’m not sure I’d call this babysitter worthy.

In my next posting, I’ll do a round up of the BEST MOM-friendly bathing suits! Stay tuned.