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Much controversy and sensitivity surrounds working out during pregnancy. We’ve all seen the nine-monther in spin class (and hated her), but those of us who have done research have also read that working out is extremely important.  There is the element of flexibility, keeping endurance for labor, and (most importantly, duh) – the better shape you’re in, the easier it is to lose weight post-baby. Enter Erika Boom – mother, prenatal and postnatal fitness expert, and owner and founder of Belly-n-Kicks – the first studio in Miami (conveniently located in Brickell) that is completely dedicated to prenatal and post-natal exercise.  “Once relegated to lighter forms of exercise like walking and yoga, expectant women are now advised by obstetricians to maintain moderate exercise regimens throughout their pregnancies – for their health, and now for their baby’s,” Boom says.  The real-life “iron woman” helps her clients – pregnant or not – stay positive while making their workouts both challenging and rewarding. Erika took the time to answer some specific questions about exercising while pregnant, after pregnant, and getting rid of a certain unwanted layer of belly fat that won’t seem to go away!

Q:  How often do you think Pregnant women should work out?
A:  5-6 times per week
Q: What’s the biggest misconception regarding pregnancy and working out?
A: That it can harm the baby
Q: Is there anything pregnant women should NOT do?
A: In terms of exercise: avoid the valsava maneuver (holding breath thru hardest point of exercise), overheating, not hydrating properly, and working out past  your aerobic threshold
Q:  Regarding post-natal, what’s the best way for new moms get rid of the pregnancy “pouch”, i.e. extra belly fat?
A: we recommend wearing a core wrap immediately after giving birth and perform isommetric work of the core with pelvic floor exercises
Q:  SoFla is known for a lot of C-sections, how soon after Cesarean do you recommend resuming an exercise program?
A:  An exercise program 6 weeks after. Before that women can walk and wear the core wrap
Q: What’s the best exercise tip you can give pregnant and post-natal women who have to work out at home and ?
A: Crunches: you need first to make sure diastasis is closed, and that you have rehabed your core isommetrically before incorporating traditional abdominal work. Also i think a lot of moms prefer to wait after they have their babies to take care of the extra weight; in reality, they should avoid gaining extra weight DURING pregnancy, since hormonal changes right after pregnancy don’t make losing any extra weight easy!
Side Note: I googled diastasis – check this out.  But sounds like you can just ask your Dr to be safest..
An added bonus if you’re pregnant – you can work out with other woman who are gaining weight week over week rather than 100-kb singletons making you feel bad about yourself!
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