Last week, leading up to Thanksgiving, Courtney Cox spent some time in Miami with her adorbs daughter, Coco and some girlfriends.
Just Jared featured a whole slide show of Courtney in a bikini – see here.  She looks amazing, is honestly one of the best-aged actresses out there, in my opinion.

That night, Courtney and her gal pals were seen having drinks with friends at Juvia in South Beach, where one patron said she, “looked incredible – like a 25 year old!”

What did she wear for a night on the town? Skinny jeans and a fitted leather jacket for the chilly evening.  Courtney sipped on Grey Goose cocktails while her gal pals enjoyed some Coronas. The group laughed and mingled at the sexy rooftop hot spot for about an hour, and were mostly left alone by the crowd.

Who knows if Courtney has had surgery/botox/fillers, etc. but whatever she does – it works. She doesn’t look plastic or fake and manages to appear exactly the same as she did on her years of Friends (or even better)! Speaking of…a little shout out to my all time favorite TV show, Friends.  It’s not an original choice, nor does it make me seem intelligent/quirky/unique.  But I love it.  It’s like TV comfort food.  I’ve watched Friends every night before bed since I was in college and it just makes me happy.  I’ve said my peace.

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