Book Fair

The Miami Book Fair, the time of year when the world is shocked to learn our city actually has people who like to read and even care about books, began this weekend.

This is one of those events that I wish I’d created.  It’s such a great outpouring of literary genius mixed with a dash of Miami spice…

In fact, I kind of wish I was Mitchell Kaplan – the dude who owns Books & Books and started the Book Fair.  Books & Books is basically one of the coolest companies I know.  Their model goes against everything the “experts” say should work – i.e. don’t start a small, family-owned store, everybody buys books on Ipad/Kindle/Amazon now, even if they buy real books they do so at the large stores like B&N and Target.  Alas, Books & Books keeps succeeding and expanding by offering well-selected basics (the newest/best books), unique gifts (they wrap! If you ever need a last minute gift, this is the place) and awesome food (they even have creative ideas like charging people $1 for reusable take-out bags so they don’t waste plastic).  Brills. Oh and their locations are pretty sick, should you want to travel between stores – Sobe, Bal Harbor, Hamptons, Caymen Islands and more. Not bad.

If you’ve never been to the fair – check out the schedule of events, they have lots of cool stuff – readings, food, kids events, etc.  This year Tom Wolfe opened with his new book about Miami.  I’ll review as soon as I read it :)

Today’s event is about Lemony Snicket…I’m also eying this weekend’s big book sale for kids.  Check out schedule here.

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