Superhero Crafts

Spring break has sprung and since we aren’t going to Disney until tomorrow (will do a nice wrap-up on that, don’t you worry), the kids and I were stuck at home in some icky weather.  So, it’s craft time!!

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m BAD at crafts.  I don’t mean this in a self-depricating manner.  I am seriously horrible at crafting.  And yet, my kids love to do it.  So, knowing I had to find something easy for a 4 and 2 year old that would also keep their interest, I googled Superhero crafts and found a few easy options that actually worked.

Thanks to other bloggers who are much more crafty than I, I found some really great options. Granted I ended up doing a lot of the work (um, sewing?), but the kids were happy painting and making a mess and playing with the final product.  So, it’s a win in the end.

Avenger bookmarks from Crafts by Amanda – GREAT, easy, inexpensive supply list.  The kids kind of painted their own thing and we didn’t use these as bookmarks, but they loved fighting with them when a few were done!

Our imperfect lollipop superheroes

Next, we worked on Suphero capes on Lollipops from Little Bit Funky.  I (as usual) did some short cuts and didn’t use the print-out/cut outs.  We just did capes, punched a hole, and stuck them on lolls.  My older guy wanted to create his own superhero, which was great.  And the kids of course needed a lolly treat in the mix.


Last were our superhero masks, courtesy of Cutesy Crafts.  I definitely did some serious shortcutting here – only one layer, and quickly sewed the elastic to the edges.  Doesn’t look perfect but the kids wanted them fast and wore them the rest of the day, so I don’t think they minded.

Our finished products….