Ivanka Trump the Mom

The other day I had the pleasure of interviewing Ivanka Trump during the ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil “The Gary Player Villa” at Trump National Doral Miami.

Those in the area are probably familiar with the Doral property – it’s been around quite some time and was in desperate need of a facelift.  Enter the Trumps.  They are rennovating the entire 800-acre compound, including the Blue Monster golf course.

On to Ivanka.  She was extremely professional (expected), but also endearing (I had heard), sweet, and even somewhat vulnerable (that I didn’t expect). Oh and gorgeous.  Like perfect skin, no body fat, gorgeous (she knows she’s lucky).  We talked a lot about motherhood, the work/life balance, being so nervous with your first (and not as much with your second) and cooking, of course.  It was really interesting to hear that she stressed – just like the rest of us – about spending time with her kids and spending time on her career.  Yes, she was born into a powerful family, but she now has an extremely demanding career and she thinks about, and plans around, how to make time for her kids.  See the interview here on People Mag.  The pic is a selfie she sent (per my request) as she left the property…

I’ll be posting more about the property and their huge golf tournament/fashion show this March.


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