Are You Being Tricked into Eating & Supporting Genetically Modified Foods?

Most of us read, research, over-research, try to implement and go a little crazy about feeding our kids (and ourselves) healthy food – all while trying to balance what they really want (junk).

One hot topic you’ve probably heard about are GMOs – (Genetically Modified Organisms) or Genetically Engineered foods. Research shows that GMO foods, their residues (which can not be washed off) and the soil they are grown in are being linked to everything from cancer to liver disease to autism to infertility to allergies (why do you think so many kids are suddenly allergic to peanuts?!?) to irreversible ground damage to….gasp…accelerated aging! (NOW you’re paying attention)! What’s most scary is that this science, and the research on GMO effects, are both relatively new so we don’t truly know how bad the effects could be.  Click herehere or here for more info.  Even Oprah took on the topic!

While arguments with our kids over fruit vs. ice cream will never end, the one easy thing about limiting or eliminating GMO foods from our diets is that no one can taste the difference.  So, easy choice – avoid GMO foods, right? Unfortunately, for the most part, YOU CAN’T KNOW IF YOUR FOOD IS GENETICALLY MODIFIED OR NOT BECAUSE COMPANIES ARE REFUSING TO LABEL AS SUCH. Note: Anything labeled organic is not allowed to use GMO foods (although no one is really checking on this…but that’s a different discussion).  

For the most part – not surprisingly – large companies, politicians, and the FDA have put the almighty buck above our health and have spent millions battling any laws requiring labels on foods that contain GMOs.  A serious and really ugly battle has been taking place over this (large companies are even suing states, like Vermont, who try to pass their own laws requiring labeling).  This article explains the latest in this debate.  
Whether you believe GMO’s are harmful or not, I think we all agree that we have the right to know what we’re eating, yes?  So – you’re thinking – buy organic and you’re good, right? Well, organic is a lot more expensive, especially when you consider that GMO’s are most commonly used for Soy and Corn (which is in EVERYTHING). And what if, in your effort to buy organic, you’re actually supporting the companies spending millions to keep GMO foods a secret?   Chances are, you’re doing just that (I was).  

The picture I’ve included here shows the organic brands that are owned by large corporations like Coke and Pepsi; who are currently spending millions to ensure we can NOT know about GMOs in our food.  Aside from the health issue, the more I read, the more I’m simply disgusted by the politics these corporations and their lobbyists have used to “win” this battle – bulling small farmers, cheating the system, flooding politicians with calls so they’re forced to vote against their own people’s wishes…it’s just plain BAD BEHAVIOR!

So, check out this chart and you can at least rest assured you’re spending your money on organic brands that actually believe in health. If you’re really fired up, there are quite a few  petitions and fundraising campaigns are out there as well (click here for some).