Art Basel

So, instead of posting a snarky “here are all the Art Basel parties you’re not invited to, sound much better on paper than they’ll be in person, and I/most normal people probably won’t end up going to” list, I figured I’ll post pics and post-event coverage for what I end up attending for your enjoyment (or not).  Maybe we’ll get a fun celeb sighting or two!

The event list seems to grow every year around Basel week.  Apparently, if you own an ice cream shop in the greater Miami area, you need to get a sponsor, throw a party, and claim it to be Art Basel related.  Not that I’m above it, I wish I could say I was only going to art installations and galleries but alas, I’m not.  Still, I feel like people should at least PRETEND there is an art element. I guess that’s what Arizona drinks/Lemon Fizz water is doing with their “event” by bringing in Richard Prince:

Renowned American painter and photographer Richard Prince of Nurse painting fame, will launch Lemon Fizz, a sparkling lemon soda designed with Iced tea company AriZona, during the 11th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, taking place Dec. 6-9, 2012.  Lemon Fizz product and special edition tee-shirts will be available at over 50+ locations, including art fairs, galleries, hotels, bars, lounges and private parties. Those who wish to get in on the Art Basel sizzle are encouraged to follow @DrinkAriZona for more information on guest list access to private parties, complimentary pouring locations and product giveaways.

This partnership has shocked many and of course, been the recipient of a few snobby responses from the artiest arties, but I for one think it’s hysterical.  If you’re going to sell out, do it 100%, throw ten parties around it, and put an exclamation point on it. I think that’s what Richard Prince does best – he’s happy to be a part of pop culture entirely and makes no apologies for it…he even put a picture of himself on the can. No shame, no apologies, all promo.  He’s suddenly the Charlie Sheen of the art world. And I bet that’s EXACTLY what Arizona (and Prince) wanted.

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