Me & Gilles Marini

Recently, I interviewed Gilles Marini of DANCING WITH THE STARS for a few publications. He was in Miami to shoot the new Perry Ellis “Axist” campaign.  He was very nice, energetic, smart, and of course – gorgeous. Check out the People Magazine article here:,,20638013,00.html

Gilles lived in Miami when he first moved to the states and just recently got his U.S. Citizenship.  He really was an inspiring person to talk to.  He views his citizenship as such a gift and feels a bit let down by politicians these days who see the whole process as a cat fight, rather than an opportunity to tackle serious issues.  With the vote coming up, I wonder if you all agree that politics has become more of a competition (i.e. campaigning, raising money to campaign, immediately attacking the other side post-vote in order to win your next campaign, etc.), rather than a job you should be honored to have.  I recall a recent State of the Union address where President Obama begged both sides to take a pause and instead of immediately reacting to his speech with attacks, just think about the issues. And yet, immediately after his speech, they interviewed a Republican senator who… attacked what he said, how he said it, etc.  Now, I’m sure that Senator felt he HAD to attack – that’s the current job of being on one side vs. the other – but it was just SO disheartening to see that even when the President begs his Congress and Senate to pause and work together, they just can’t.

Didn’t mean to get so serious, but when I spoke to Gilles and heard how he had studied so hard and felt so honored to be an American, I realized maybe our leaders aren’t taking the honor seriously enough themselves!

On a lighter note, stay tuned for an article in MIAMI Magazine this December where Gilles tells me about living in MIAMI, his shoot with Perry Ellis and being the face of their Axist line!

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