Mercury vs. Omega 3s

Eating seafood has become something of a science.  We’ve long been told it’s one of the healthiest foods out there, but thanks to a variety of pollutions (paging BP) and over-fishing, the exact foods you’re buying to give your family important health benefits can actually be extremely harmful.  Or, in the case of many farmed fishes these days, the health benefits simply aren’t present anymore (farmed Salmon, for instance, doesn’t contain Omega 3’s – the exact reason Salmon is so good for you).

So, many of the previous recommendations for how much fish to eat and what fish to eat simply don’t apply anymore.  Too much mercury – now present in almost all fish – acts as a neurotoxin, interfering with the brain and nervous system.  This is especially harmful and dangerous for children, whose brains are forming rapidly and pregnant women. (Read more from the NDRC).

Luckily, EWG (one of my favorite companies/websites), just introduced a cool seafood calculator to help you decide how much seafood is safe for you and your children, as well as which kinds of fish to eat and when.  They also have a general guide and information about the newest data on this important topic.

READ UP.  As people are wondering what causes the rise of autism, asthma and allergies in children – mercury will likely come out to be a top contender.