Chris Bosh’s Late Dinner at LURE with Daughter and LeBron’s Tweet

This weekend, Chris Bosh was spotted delving into Sushi at Lure Fishbar- the delicious new restaurant at the Loews Miami Beach.  Bosh dined with his wife and his 5-year old daughter.  The interesting note is that they walked in at 11 p.m.  Slightly late for a 5 year old…

On the one hand, the HEAT had just finished a game that night (which they won), and between Bosh’s busy practice and travel schedule, he probably has to sneak in whatever time he can to see his daughter.  There is something really sweet about the fact that he brought her along for the celebratory dinner.  I’m quite sure the Bosh family has nannies and baby sitters at the ready, had he wanted a night alone with his wife, but he chose family time instead.

On the other hand, fellow diners were certainly looking twice at a five year old walking into a sushi bar to sit down for dinner at 11 p.m.  And this brings up an issue much discussed between fellow parents – bedtimes.  According to Parents Magazine, it seems that what is most important is keeping things consistent.  Assuming the children don’t have to wake up for school in the morning, most experts feel it’s ok to have a later bedtime – as long as they count on it and make up for it the next morning.  Who knows if that’s the case with baby Bosh, but it certainly is food for thought…literally….sort of.

And speaking of Bosh’s daughter, check out this funny story that any parent could relate to involving the adorable 5-year old, LeBron James, and a misplaced crotch grab.

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