Cheap/Eco-Friendly Kids Water Bottles

I’m always on the hunt for good water bottles. If I could have limitless funds and room for these suckers, I’d be a seriously happy gal.  Yah, my life is that exciting.

Maybe it’s because we live in Florida but I swear I spend at least 8% of my waking hours searching for, filling up, and washing water bottles.  And then my kids seem to lose or break them constantly (i.e. the Camel Back which everyone has and just does NOT work for us).   I hate spending a lot on these but I like to have tons of them around.  I’ve found two new brands recently that have been a great solution.

The first were these super cute ones from Amazon.  They aren’t great for little little kids, as they have a screw top, but they are excellent for school lunch boxes.  Great size and they’re cute. And they come in a stand up holder so they’re not all falling down. bonus.  Only $14 for all five…

The second was at Whole Foods surprisingly (something affordable at Whole Foods?? yes!). I can’t find a link online, but they were a small bottle with a foldable “sucking device” (not a straw, I hate straws).  No BPA. Came in purple, blue, and red and were only $4.  We’ve gotten a lot of use out of them.

Anything you choose is better than re-buying, using, and disposing of the endless branded water bottles!

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