Mister Wolfe opens at TownHouse

The old Bond Street space in TownHouse South Beach has now been filled by a stylistic club/bar serving food as well.  A powerhouse team is behind this locale, let’s all hope for the best! I’m not sure if a lounge concept fits into my lifestyle anymore ( I can barely stay up for drinks after dinner and can barely wait to eat dinner, so stopping for drinks beforehand never seems to happen), but you never know.  Either way, when you’re using a babysitter for nights on the town, there is no hit or miss – these places better be good!

I may try it out and will udpate if I do (with a babysitter worthy or not judgement).  See Press release and pix below.



The Creative Pop Up Bar Offers Sophistication, Style and Substance

Mister Wolfe, in the former Bond St. Lounge, is the natural evolution of the traditional bar and lounge.   Enticing and intimate, Mister Wolfe is sophistication through simplicity for the savvy crowd who gets it, been there, and craves an alternative.

Mister Wolfe is familiar yet fresh.  Max Pierre, owner of Arrive Miami, AE District Concept Gallery and CMO of Public School, a contemporary menswear private label; Erik Yehezkel, former nightlife director at the Delano; and AE Collective, one of the leading DJ management and booking agencies, bring you Mister Wolfe.  The exceptional DJs offer an eclectic and continually progressive range of music rooted in quality.  With its stylish new build-out, Mister Wolfe is not just a place or persona; it’s an ideology to bring a new perspective to nightlife and entertainment.

Much more than a bar, Mister Wolfe delivers great food through the culinary expertise of Nuno Grullon, owner of Ironside Cafe, and responsible for the first all organic menu at Metro Organic Bistro.  Passionate about all natural and local, Grullon adds a delicious dimension to social eating by bringing his philosophy across the bridge.  The bar program serves signature cocktails like the Wolfe Bite and Townhouse Secret, along with wine, Champagne and a full bottle list.  Mister Wolfe draws a diverse crowd from the social set to the cultural influencer looking for something as simple as good food, good people and good music.

Mister Wolfe at Townhouse, 150 20th Street, Miami Beach, FL  33139.  Hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.,Friday and Saturday 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., and Sunday 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. The kitchen serves until 1 a.m. daily.  www.mister-wolfe.com

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