Julianne Hough – Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Party

The other night I attended the HOT LIST Party for Conde Nast Traveler at the SLS Hotel South Beach.

It was a great party- very well done with plenty of food and drink (always a major plus).  I interviewed Julianne for People Mag but unfortunately she didn’t give me anything personal (I had strict directive not to ask about Ryan Seacrest), so the story didn’t print.

But she was breathtakingly gorgeous and had some fun stories about her girlfriends, her food cravings and and travels (she grew up in London…who knew? she seems so All American!).  Her new short bob was perfectly tousled and her body was extremely envy-inducing. She wore nude Christian Louboutins, a gold “arrow” necklace, gold bracelets and gold rings.

Julianne walked the carpet with the Conde Nast Traveler execs.  Ironically, she and editor in chief Klara Glowczewska were both in orange dresses.

Here is a bit of our chat…

Q: We are here at the Hot List Party and it’s hot out!
JH: I’m hot under here! I Have swoobs going on right now – sweaty boobs! You know, the swoobs the swazz, that whole thing!
Q: So how do you define hot?
JH: I think just a confidence.  It doesn’t have to be a person, I think confidence in what this hotel is or a confidence in what a magazine can be.  It’s just that -I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just strong. An Inner peace or an inner strength. That’s hot!
Q: How about in guys – same thing?
A: Yah, I like a confident but relaxed guy.  I think that’s great.
Q: And when do you feel your hottest?
A: Um, right after I work out (laughs).  I’m sweaty and toned and then I go screw it all up with my dinner that night because I love to eat!
Q: What are some of your favorite indulgences?
A: I love Italian food, I love Mexican, I love every cuisine. I was brought up to love every style and every cuisine and never to leave anything on your plate, and to try everything.  I was lucky as a kid that I liked everything – I didn’t really have a choice, I kind of had to.
Q: You’ve been talking a lot about your girlfriends, what would be your ideal girlfriend getaway?
A: Well, we’ve been talking about it and we all kind of want to do Australia because none of us have ever been and I think that would be really fun.  We have some friends there that would be able to show us around and take us to good spots.
Q: And would your girlfriend trip be more about laying out and relaxing or going out and partying?
Laying out and relaxing and like learning how to surf and doing the kind of just chill Australian vibe! Just relaxed…
Q: Have you ever travelled alone – would you?
A: I absolutely would, I would love that. don’t know how I could do that now – but I would love to do that.  My best friend just did Thailand for two months this year – or, last year, and she said she would do it again in a heartbeat.
Q: Summer is coming up, do you have a summer anthem you love?
A: Right now I’m obsessed – I don’t know if this is an old song or a new song – but the Matisyahu and Akon “One Day” – I’m like jamming out in my car yesterday or two days ago when I was back in L.A. And I’m like windows down, anyways it’s my song right now.  And it’s so inspirational but it’s got such a good beat.  You gotta download it!!
Q: What is your favorite place to travel?
A: I love the Med!
Q: You lived in Europe right?
A: Yeah – I lived in London for a long time, so I used to travel a lot. I love Paris more than anything it’s so charming and romantic and everything. It’s really great.  I love London because that was my home, but I was there as a kid, so now as an adult – going back – I’m learning all these news things, it’s different.
Q: You filmed the Diablo Cody movie recently – was that the edgiest thing you’ve done so far?
A: Yah – it’s a dark comedy and I play a burn survivor who is burned over 2/3rds of her body so it’s definitely a little bit out there from what people have seen me do in the past, so I’m psyched about that!


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