A Small Park, A Nice Outing

The day after Xmas.  Time to waste, high-octane kids, tough to break them away from their new toys for too long.  But we were all feeling a little stir crazy.

So we decided to take a little family outing to a nearby Park – Arch Creek, and it was really  nice.  The park regularly hosts eco-adventure tours and ghost tours, butterfly garden and a museum with artifacts.  They also offer special events right now including campfires, canoe tours, guided hikes and more.  Check out the schedule of events here.  They even have a winter camp for kids – next session starts next week.

Since our outing was a last minute “get out of the house” kind of thing, we just stopped by to walk around for a while and it was quite enjoyable.  Quiet, peaceful and beautiful. This bridge was a stop and stare kind of moment.


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