Dinner & A Movie

With a lot of time on everyone’s hand this week and next, and in honor of the Jewish Xmas tradition, I wanted to share information about the BEST movie theater in town – Paragon Grove at CocoWalk.

Full disclosure, I’ve worked with Paragon over the past two years, but in all honesty, I’m now addicted to the theater and all of its amenities (more on that).  More importantly, they just expanded their menu and upgraded four of their auditoriums to huge, VIP seats with tables- the Prestige Imports Premier.  You can eat in-theater, before, or after the movie.  With kids, this is a GREAT option – the menu features yummy and easy finger foods like burgers, wings, tacos, and flatbreads as well as really, really, good desserts (zebra popcorn…life-changing). FULL MENU. 

The already existing theater amenities include reserved seating (as in – pic your actual seat), and HD Sony 4k picture. (A note on HD – I used to argue with the owners of Paragon (male) that women don’t care about HD/technology stuff and we shouldn’t promote it so heavily.  Then, after seeing many movies at Paragon, I went to an old theater w/out HD.  Suddenly I felt like a baby with a pacifier yanked out of his mouth. I NEEDED it.  You’ll see).

I secured a feature for them on Deco Drive that explains it all – check it out this video.

Also, If you happen to be in the Broward area, their theater at Deerfield has a $2 kids holiday movie special right now – see details here.

You can see showtimes and reserve your tickets/seats at www.paragongrove.com.

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